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This is a spiritual teacher whom I have been following for quite some time and I hope this serves you as it has served me...Luv "MUM"
View schedule of upcoming ABRAHAM NOW online broadcasts here: Order the book “Ask and It Is Given” here: https://www.abraham-hickslawofattract... Abraham demonstrates the ease and power of the Emotional Guidance Scale. One viewer wrote in with a question about dealing with others who don’t seem to take responsibility for their behaviors or actions. In this video, Abraham discusses using the Emotional Guidance Scale to reach for your better feeling place and to improve your own point of attraction. As you practice moving up the Emotional Guidance Scale, you can more often be in the receiving mode of what you most desire. Identifying where you land on the Emotional Guidance Scale and then calibrating to the improved vibration will get you anything and everything you want.
How Do You Fuel SkiMum? Keto, What WE EAT!
I've always disagreed with the schools supplying extra snacks and sugar to my children. We are spiking children's Insulin and causing an epidemic in America. Time for a change in how we fuel. It's time to go back to the way we used to Eat. High Fat No Carb all natural, single ingredient foods to fill ourselves with essential vitamins and nutrients. Eggs, Meat, Fish, Dairy (high fat) NO SODA
One of My favorite spiritual teachers Abraham Hicks......Thank you for mentioning skiing Abraham!