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This features the "Uphill Route" on Mount Bachelor which is great for practice while you are enjoying chairlift riding season in Wintertime!! Stay fit and practice skills on the awesome asset to the backcountry community of Bend Oregon. Ski Mum Out!! Please Subscribe.

North Sister is an epic mountain to climb or ski in the Cascade Range. It is technical. It requires ropes to get to the top. Several people have perished climbing The North Sister, also known as "Charity" in the line of the Three Sisters. I climb to ski and enjoy the views.  I am not intent on reaching the top but rather having a good time. This video is about a lovely ski day.  Springtime in the Cascade Range of Oregon allows for long days full of adventure. Sure beats walking.

Broken Top is a fantastic ski to take in before the summer flock of hikers descend upon the dirt trails.  I like to get into Broken Top when it is still covered with pristine snow. Broken Top, also know as "Mary", has an amazing history. Broken Top was originally a claim and was intended as a location for a corey. It was owned by a private American Citizen (anyone know his name?) who saw that it would be of greater benefit to the public and gifted it to the People...........Enjoy the "Living Trail Map" created by artist and outdoorsman David Wachs. Just up the road from Bend Oregon.
Skiing Videos - Bend, OR

Skiing Videos in Bend, OR

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