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I am a "MUM", number one, of two amazing humans!!! I got to be a housewife and enjoy all the amazing aspects of being a "Mum" first and foremost, because that is what I wanted to do!!!  Family, Fun, Spirituality, Desire, Goodness, Love, Selflessness, Selfishness, Learning. Every generation of parents is surprised by the next generation!! We are the same generation to generation, expanding, we humans. It is simply the "form" that the lessons and the experiences come to us in is different. 

 If we each can recall that it is recognizing that each one of us has an individual gift....... The best thing a parent can pass down to their children is that recognizing how we are feeling is our best guide. Literally feel in our own "gutt".  If our "gutt" is ecstatic, happy, enthralled....notice this. If our "gutt" feels bad, sad, angry notice this.  You do not need to know what to do about it or where to go.......You do not need to know the answer.  Simply recognizing how you feel. Be aware of how you feel. Trust your intuition. Trust your own self for you.  Let that be your subtle guide.  Be patient with yourself.  Follow the good "Gutt" it will guide you.  Trust your "gutt". Only you can know for you.  It is all about loving yourself. It is about receiving and believing.

Do not hide your light under a bushel basket. We are all part of one body, meaning every human comes with an individual gift unique to you.  The journey of life is the process of discovering yourself. Let your "gutt" be the guide........Even if at that moment it means to take a nap.  

Here are a couple videos I have come across...... These are not meant for little kiddos....Keep those little ones away from media as long as possible....go to the park or play in the dirt or paint with kids for as long as possible. 

 These videos are for young adults. Question everything. It is a beautiful world. Love "Mum"  


Flash Dance Was one of my favorite movies of all time! Every Girl (little or big) see's herself in this heroine. Myself, SkiMum, was inspired to audition for the middle school talent show because of this scene.  I tried out and I made it!! I DANCED MY LITTLE HEART OUT to Maniac. I remember it like it was yesterday!!! It changed my life as I new it, those three performances in front of full houses of middle schoolers, parents, our community!!! GO FOR IT!! Do it for you.  

"YES THEORY"   Is an awesome group of young men who seek to bring positivity and inspiration!  Thank You Gentlemen!! Your RAD!!! 
Abraham Hicks is a spiritual teacher who comes to us through Esther Hicks. Abraham is a collective of beings with messages to help us.  
Be EZ.
Need an old fashioned pep talk! This gives you a good push like a the coach getting you back in the game. SkiMum liked it!!
 PS consider hard before getting a tattoo....... This is my opinion.  A tattoo will be with you FOREVER.

Oprah Winfrey Interviews Abraham Hicks