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Feelin' the good Vibe of Bend Oregon Dance and Music
If you know SkiMum You know she loves to be healthy and to dance anywhere! Anytime! Here are a few local Central Oregon Musicians, some health ideas and some prancing about.........Woop Woop

Ski Mum gives a few pointers on Liver Health, Elimination, Diet and an easy way to make Juice for a Cleanse and everyday consumption. Making fresh vegetable juices at home is an easy way to bolster your health for adventuring and re train your palette for better habits (get that sugar out!!). Be sensitive!! If your body is not eliminating properly, you feel sluggish, achey, tired, annoyed or have skin irritations, this is your body telling you something. The wonderful news is your body is made for healing.
This is Chef Pete Evens. He teaches us how to eat well, nutritionally so we can perform well in life. Thanks Pete!! Go Skiing!!
Ski Mum Quick and easy lunch idea. Eggplant yummmmmmm!!
I found this today doing some research on Liver Health and it's correlation to constipation!! yep are you eliminating properly. Take this into consideration and follow this fun channel on YouTube. These ladies are doing good things! Subscribe to Beauty Within and take care of YOU!!
If you're feeling sluggish or have excess weight you can't get rid of, chances are you are not taking good care of your liver! Just like the rest of your body, your liver needs to detox in order to function better. Here is what to avoid, what to eat and pressure points that will help protect and detox your liver!

Heres a tip for ease in eating Healthy! Pre Wash your veggies!! Love your "MUM"
Introducing Kaden Wadsworth. This kid can loop!! A graduate from Summit High school in Bend Oregon In 2017, Kaden Wadsworth is a Singer Songwriter, Drummer, and Producer from Bend Oregon. Kaden fuses early influences of Jazz and Hip-Hop with Folk to bring a one of a kind solo performance with live instruments and a loop pedal. He is the music industry, performing across the west coast with major labels. This Kids the biggest live act in the world!!
Dry Tears By Ronny B Produced By @_MERGY_-4k 
These local Bend Oregon Boyz use their talents to honor a Brother and friend.  Thank You Ronny B for creating this original music. Carson Mergenthaler Produced and Editied this music video he shot in 4k. Be sure to keep an eye out for more music videos coming out of this crew of recent Summit High School Graduates. 
Big Ski Love!!!!! Easy Veggie Drink to re-train your taste buds. I hope this idea helps you get used to savory over sweet.  If you can get the sweet or sugar out of your diet, your health will greatly improve.  Your "Gutt" will function better. Inflammation goes away. Mood swings diminish. More energy ensues.  Go Bend Oregon. What a Healthy and Beautiful place to live. Follow my @BigSkiLove Instagram for short how to ideas. Love MUM! The Ski Mum. 

@BigSkiLove on on Instagram is SkiMum's Health Habit. It is important to take care of your body so it can support your brain. Below is a quick video about how to cook an Artichoke. Enjoy!