SKIMUM.COM>>>I am beginning Motorcycle riding you can too!
SkiMum and Dave Wachs share a Seven Day Camping off the Moto's Adventure with You!! 
What do you do when there is no skiing? learn to ride a dirt bike! I began learning motorcycle riding three years ago with a class called "TEAM OREGON". This basic riding program is three days and offers classroom instruction with and riding time to learn the basics. Motorcycles are provided. If you pass you earn your Oregon Motorcycle Endorsement which you must have to ride on the roads to the billions of dirt moto trails in Bend Oregon. I am inspired to do multi day adventure rides or enduro. The motorcycle gives SkiMum access to places too far to reach on foot or bike and impassable by car.  I love camping and navigating far out into the Oregon backcountry. Motorcycle riding is extremely dangerous and I aim to stay safe by learning moto the safest way. Developing my motorcycle skills on a small Honda 100xr first and then graduating to a bigger, plated bike.  Stay tuned as I develop and share how to ride and motocamp as well as a multitude of beautiful Central Oregon motorcycle experiences with you!!