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coming ski season 2k19-2k20
Skiing Spain, Skiing The Spanish Pyrenees, SkiMum takes the Family on the Ski Bus from Barcelona up to Alps 2500 a Spanish Ski Area encompassing La Mollina and La Masalla about 1.5 hours from Barcelona.
Does it make you feel HAPPY??!!! Jaques, icon on Mt Bachelor, in Bend Oregon, Entertains us with a serenade about the new Woodward Peace Park on Mt Bachelor!!!! SkiMum Out!!!
Check out the cool ice on MT Bachelor.....This is our Spring Corn! The mountain is awesome. Come on up!! Love SkiMum. Bend Oregon Skiing!!
Hi!!! SkiMum Here! Some tips on the Fritschi Diamar AT Bindings. The old standby Bar system! These work great with a regular Alpine Boot as they are not a tech toe!! Have no idea what I'm talking about???? Take a peek.  Also a few out takes for you while we are getting longer shows together for you.  This video celebrates MT Bachelors UpHill Route and Alpine Touring Practice.  Clebrate!! SkiMum Out. Bend Oregon.
Mount Bachelor in Bend Oregon Celebrate "Hopening Day" It Is SNOWING on Mount Bachelor and it's Fall! Many Many Many months of ski season ahead! I'm Mount Bachelor Stoked!!!   Ski Mum Out!
Ski Mum and Ski Bum bring a glimpse of what it takes to get Hoodoo Ski Area ready for opening. Skiing here in Bend Oregon is the best.  Hoodoo Ski area is North of Sister Oregon and offers amazing fun and sweet terrain.  You can even ski Hoodoo at night for night skiing.  SkiMum's and SkiBum's alike love Hoodoo Ski Resort. Central Oregon Skiing is Fun skiing. 
Ski Mum YouTube Channel Trailer Hello "Ski Mum" here" I am building my YouTube Channel. Please help by Subscribing. Your Subscription will help me reach 100 which intern will add my name "Ski Mum" to my channel URL. This will make my channel easier to find! I aim to inspire and entertain you my with skiing, moto and good health practices to keep it all going. I am producing longer shows for you now! Just wait and see what I have in store for you! You might even be in my videos!! See you soon. Please Subscribe. Ski Mum Entertains us with Ski Lifestyle Adventures, Health tips and Motorcycles. Please Subscribe......oh ya I already said that. "Ski Mum Out"
It's almost time folks!!! I hope this edit of "Opening Day" last season gear's you Pumped!!! I know I am!!! Big Ski Love SkiMum
Easy Winter Driving Tips to keep you safe on the snowing streets of Bend and CentralOregon. Love the SkiMum
Waiting for Ski Season to start! Check out this content creator and Subscribe to his channel. There will be more to come from this creative for sure.  He is a Music Video Producer, note the "jump cuts" excellent. Subscribe and Like. Yo!! Ski Mum Out. Carson Mergenthaler
Skiing on a snowfield in the summertime is one of SkiMums favorite things to do.  The days are long allowing plenty of time for long adventures. Skiing is a great way to traverse to and fro on and expanse of snow. Here SkiMum skis with friends on the Muir Snowfield on Mt Rainier in Washington. The Cascade mountains offer many opportunities for adventure and ski mountaineering is a favorite for Ski Mum.  Thank you for collaborating on this project Jim Kinney. 
HA HA HA HA This is a video from the "Early Snowstorm" back in September of 2017.......two years back Enjoy!!! My Ski Buddy, Lori Ray of Bend Oregon headed up to see what we could find and if we still were as stoked about skiing!! What do you think? I Love being the Ski Mum and sharing the Ski Lifestyle.
What do you so in a ski resort in the summertime???? Here in Central Oregon we have Mount Bachelor, also known as Brother John and Bachelor Butte. Mount Bachelor has added a lot over the years making it a lovely destination for non-skiers to get into the mountains and experience the joy that skiers thrive on. Come see us in Bend Oregon, It is a happy place.   

This is
Crystal Mountain in Washington. Crystal Mountain is Rad!! It is off the flank of Mt Rainier. Mount Rainier is one of Americas West coast mountains that are above 14,000 feet. That's a Big Mountain YO!!!! Crystal is a blast to ski in the winter and in the summer it is a perfect base camp for adventure. Hang at Crystal with the family or head up to do some extreme mountaineering on Rainier. I, SkiMum of course prefer to ski down.  Check out our story about ski mountaineering on the Muir Snow Field

Mt Hood in the Summertime. What a lovely place to ski in summertime. Mt Hood is honored with the first chairlift in the United States of America


Skiing Film Content in Bend, OR

SkiMum and James host a weekly ABC TV segment.  Tune in Wednesdays at 3:00 on local ABC “Central Oregon Daily,” Stay tuned for full half hour episodes coming this Fall. skiing videos!